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Four Benefits Of Seasonal Maintenance For Your HVAC System

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You may have heard that having your HVAC system serviced annually will help to prevent problems. This is true, but you may want to consider seasonal maintenance. This can be done with a service contract with your local HVAC contractor. When the cold season is coming to an end, they will check your AC to make sure it is working properly for the hot months. They will also service your heating before winter starts, and do a lot of other common repairs and maintenance to your HVAC system. Here are four benefits you will get from seasonal maintenance on your HVAC system:

1. Finding Problems With Your Heating System

When the weather is really cold outside, you do not want to have problems with your HVAC system. Sometimes small problems can lead to failure of your furnace or boiler. With seasonal HVAC maintenance, you will be able to have an HVAC technician look at your system before the cold weather starts. They will look for any problems and fix them before you start using your system for the winter months.

2. Preventive Maintenance To Keep Your AC Working During Heat Waves

Heat waves can cause a lot of strain on your system, which can lead to damage and repairs. Simple, seasonal maintenance such as cleaning the air condenser coil and help prevent these problems. It is something that an HVAC contractor will do for you when you have a service contract for seasonal maintenance of your HVAC system. They will do these tasks and other things such as check the compressor and level of coolant in the system before you start using your system during the hotter months of the year.

3. Regular Maintenance Services That Include Changing The Filter

There are also things that you may need to have done throughout the different seasons. These things can include simple tasks such as changing the air filter on your system, cleaning the furnace or charging your AC system with coolant. They will provide you with the regular maintenance your system needs through all the seasons, and fix any problems before they become costly repairs.

4. Cleaning Parts Of Your System When Need To Prevent Problems

There are many parts of an HVAC system that may need to be cleaned to ensure that the system works properly. This can be things like cleaning the blower and other parts of the furnace, or it can be cleaning the coil of your HVAC unit. The service tech will do these things for you when they are needed, which can help to prevent a lot of the problems that lead to costly repairs such as the compressor motor breaking on your AC.

These are some of the benefits of having seasonal maintenance done to your air and heating system. If you need help with the maintenance of your system, contact an HVAC service (such as Chappel's Heating & Cooling) and ask them about the service contracts and seasonal maintenance they can provide you with.