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How To Mount A Window Fan

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When you're using the air conditioning system in your home to keep things cool during the summer, your electricity bills can rise as fast as the temperature outside. However, one way to keep your home cool without using your air conditioning system is to make use of window fans and box fans. Mounted in a window, these fans can ensure a flow of fresh air through your home. While manufacturers do make fans specifically for windows, it's relatively easy to adapt box fans for this purpose. Moreover, you don't have to be concerned about insects coming into your home, since you can leave the window screens in when you mount the fans.

What You Will Need

One Piece of Wood (the thickness of which should match the distance between the windowsill and the window track)

Step 1. Choose the window you want to use for your fan. Keep in mind that if you want real air circulation, you're going to have to open a screened window on the opposite side of the house. Take this into consideration when choosing the window for the fan.

Step 2. Open the window as high as it will go. Take a close look at the window screen to ensure that it isn't damaged in any way, since you don't want insects to get inside. If it is damaged, you should replace or repair the screen before proceeding with the installation of the fan.

Step 3. Place the fan on the windowsill. It may set upright as it is, but you're using a box man it may not. In this case, you should position a piece of wood on the ledge of the sill. The top of the wood should be level with the window track. This will help keep the fan from tilting into the room.

Step 4. Holding the fan with one hand, pull the window down on top of the fan. The window sash should hold the fan in position. If you are using a window fan rather than a box fan, you may have side extensions (similar to those found on window air conditioners). If you do, pull out the extenders to the sides of your window. This will add additional support to hold the fan in place.

Step 5. Plug the fence power cord into the closest outlet. Now open a screened window on the opposite side of your house. You can now turn on the fan. For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service.