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Is It Time To Replace Your Windows? Eight Questions To Ask

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When is the last time you examined your windows? Are you wondering if it is time for window replacement? Here are eight questions you can ask to help you decide whether to look into this further. 

1. How many panes does your window have? If you are in an old home and you only have single panes, you definitely need new windows. Single pane windows are not as energy efficient as newer models and they break easily. If you have double pane windows, you can consider moving to triple pane. 

2. Are items near your windows fading? Newer windows block more ultraviolet rays, which will protect your belongings (and your skin if you are near your windows often).

3. Do any windows leak water? The next time you have a major storm, check all of your windows. Is there any moisture on the inside of the glass? Are there any drops of water on your windowsills? Does frost accumulate during the winter? 

4. Do you notice cold air when you are near the windows? If you feel drafts of air (or notice a candle flickering when it is near your window), have a company come out to test your windows. They have infrared thermometers that can tell you how much your windows are leaking. The serviceman can then tell you how newer windows compare and how much money you will save by replacing your windows. 

5. Are they easy to open? Windows that are stuck or difficult to open can be a fire hazard. You also want to be able to open and close your windows whenever you want to allow fresh air in your home. 

6. Do they lock? This is also a huge safety concern. If you aren't sure if they are latching and locking properly, go outside and see if you can slide your windows open. Windows will also leak more air if they are not shutting and locking properly, which can cost a lot of money over time.

7. Do you like the look of your windows? Do you feel that they match your home? While it may not be worth it to switch them out for this reason alone, the look of your windows really impacts the overall look of your home. 

8. Does it seem really noisy inside? Newer windows block a lot more noise than older windows do. If you live near a street, airport, or train track, look into getting new windows. They can make a huge difference! 

While replacing all of your windows can be costly, it can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Many companies will come and test your windows for free so if you are considering it, give one a call.