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Restore Your Wooden Garage Door To Its Original Condition

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If moisture was present in your garage at some point, parts of the door and spring assembly may have become rusted. This can cause materials to deteriorate and it may become difficult to open and close the door in the future. Take charge now by removing the rust that is present and making any necessary repairs. As a result, your door will work properly and look much better.

Use The Following Items

  • plastic sheeting
  • soapy water
  • scrub brush
  • sponge
  • sandpaper (low and high grit)
  • electric sander
  • exterior primer
  • exterior spray paint
  • oil 
  • rags
  • emery cloth

​Clean And Sand The Door

Lay plastic sheeting in front of the area where you will be working. It will be collect any rust or paint that flakes off. Clean the door and hardware with soapy water and a scrub brush. Wipe away the soap with a wet sponge. Wait for the door to dry. Use an electric sander and low grit sandpaper to remove rusted spots on the wood. Once the surface feels smooth and the rust is no longer visible, use fine grit paper.

Sand the hardware and spring assembly with an emery cloth. This type of sandpaper has a cloth backing, making it easy to handle when working with metal objects. Wipe away all of the dust that is left behind by the sandpaper with a rag.

Apply Primer And Paint

Spray an even coat of exterior primer on parts of the door that were sanded. Once the primer has dried, spray a couple coats of exterior paint over it. Wait for the paint to dry completely in between coats. Exterior paint will help protect the door from future damage if it is exposed to moisture. Oil the metal hardware and spring assembly so that none of the parts become rusted again. A few drops of oil need to be applied to each one. The spring assembly will continue to operate properly and you will be able to open and close the door with ease. 

Keep The Door Maintained

Clean your garage door regularly to assist with keeping it in great shape. When you are not using the door, make sure that it is closed tightly so that moisture does enter the garage. Be wary of squeaking when the door is moving. This is a sign that the hardware or springs need to be oiled. If the door ever feels very heavy and won't stay up, it is a sign that the springs need to be replaced. By staying on top of all of of these details, you won't experience large problems with the door down the road. Contact a company like Dorsey Garage Doors for more information.