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3 Mistakes Homeowners Make That Will Lead To Necessary Garage Door Replacement

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You may use it daily without issue, but there is a good chance you will take your garage door for granted until something goes wrong. As a homeowner, it is likely that you do not want to have to shell out the money that it takes to replace your door, and therefore, you should make sure that you do what you can to keep your garage door around for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are three big mistakes you may be making that will compromise the lifespan of the garage door you have.

Avoiding Simple Maintenance Issues

From simple squeaks to occasional jams, every little symptom of garage door problems should be immediately addressed. Even the slightest problem could be causing damage to your garage door. For example, screeching sounds when the door is open and closed means that there is metal-against-metal friction. This friction in the garage door track can easily cause damage to the rolling wheels or the track of the door. Problems with the wheels and tracks can then compromise the structure of the door because of instability.

Skipping Professional Help When Something Goes Wrong

With so much information readily available online, you can give yourself a sense of false confidence when you start investigating problems with your garage door. Sure, there are some things that are easy to address, such as damaged weather seals or a broken handle. However, there are many components of the garage door that can cause a lot of problems if they are not handled appropriately. The torsion and extension springs are the perfect example because if they are not installed properly, you can put a lot of strain on the door itself. Make sure before you tackle a garage door repair on your own, you have the skills and tools needed.

Using the Wrong Lubrication

In the event that you start hearing squeaks and squeals, the first inclination you have may be to grab the nearest can of spray lubricant and hit all of the moving parts with a shot of quick grease. However, spray lubricants are not designed for use with garage doors. The moving components of the garage door need a heavy lubricator like white lithium grease to prevent the problem from persisting and causing damage. 

The garage door is easily one of the most expensive doors you have in your home. Make sure you do not let simple mistakes lead you to a need for garage door replacement that would be otherwise unnecessary.