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Common Water Damage Restoration And Repair Questions Answered

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Water damage can cause your home to suffer extreme structural damage, and unfortunately, repairing this type of damage is an urgent problem that you will need to have addressed. Yet, there are many homeowners that are not well-informed about water damage restoration projects, and this can cause them to need a couple of questions answered when they are considering what to do after major water damage has occurred:

What Happens If Asbestos Is Discovered During The Water Damage Restoration?

It is a relatively common problem for older homes to contain asbestos, and it is also routine for this problem to be discovered when water damage repair work is being performed. When your home is having this type of restoration work being performed, it is common for the insulation, carpeting and other soft parts of the house to be removed.

During this process, asbestos may be discovered, and if this happens, the work will have to stop until the asbestos is removed from the structure. 

While this may seem like an unnecessary innocence, asbestos is a highly toxic material, and it can become airborne during flood restoration work. When this occurs, it can pose a hazard to both those inside the building and outside. Luckily, most homes with this problem can have the asbestos removed in a couple of days to help ensure that your water damage repairs are not overly impeded.

How Long Will It Take Mold To Start Growing?

Sadly, it can take a couple of days before your restoration work is started. This is a natural delay that results from the time it takes for you to choose a contractor, pay them and for the work to actually start. During this waiting period, many homeowners will be worried that mold will start growing. While it is true that mold can begin growing after only a couple of days, this is not a problem that most homeowners should worry about. 

Part of the process for restoring water damage is treating the structure for mold. As a result, you can rest assured that you will be entering a mold free home when you return regardless of whether it took a few days for the process to start or not. 

When your home has been unfortunate enough to suffer major water damage, you may feel extremely stressed about minimizing the amount of damage done to your house. Knowing what happens when asbestos is discovered during the repairs and that your repair technician will treat the structure for mold should help you feel less stress about having this type of work done to your home.