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Custom Staircases and Handrails: Three of the Most Difficult Designs to Execute and Why

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Custom staircases and handrails add dramatic or beautiful touches to your home. However, there are some staircases that are difficult to execute, and handrails that are very hard to construct. Here are three examples of the most difficult designs to execute and why. It is worth keeping them in mind when you ask a contractor to build a custom staircase for your home.

Tight Spiral Staircases Made of Wood

Wood is only as pliable as the heat, steam, or acid bath you dip it in can make it. To create a tight spiral case, the contractor has to spend weeks getting the wood into a malleable condition without it snapping or cracking, and do not ask for a hardwood spiral staircase because that is nearly impossible without piecing it together from several smaller pieces of wood. Several smaller pieces of wood can hamper the staircase's ability to bear weight over time, which is why a hardwood staircase is rarely built.

Spiral Staircases Made with Cement or Stone Steps

Although these staircases are incredibly beautiful because of the polished stone or softened concrete, they are very difficult to build supports for. The stone or concrete steps are formed in a mold or shaped by chisels, so they remain boxy or square. Fitting them into a rounded or spiral staircase means the support structures have to be made of metal, preferably titanium or steel, since these metals are the only ones strong enough to bear up both the weight of the stones as well as the weight of people going up and down them all day.

Twisted or Custom-Shaped Wrought Iron Handrails

Because your contractor cannot make these handrails on his or her own, he or she has to submit your pre-approved designs to a wrought-iron company to manufacture the handrails there. You may find that the wrought iron manufacturer will consult you on the details of your custom rails at least once, probably twice, and more often if you want a very complicated handrail. Because your design is nothing like the extruded bars or shaped bars of iron most companies are used to producing, it will take some time to either create a mold that will help them make your rails, or create a process to produce the rails you want.

Purchasing Any of the above Custom Staircase Items

You should know, that while all three of these staircase or handrail items may be quite difficult to produce and construct, they are not impossible. If you want any of these custom items, you will need to find a contractor with experience in complicated custom staircases and handrails. Choosing a contractor with less experience will only result in poorer quality. Also, you should be aware of the fact that the more complicated and difficult a custom staircase or handrail design is, the higher the project expense will be, especially if you hire a contractor like Whiteford Hardwood Floors Unlimited LLC with the right amount of experience.