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Four Tips To Help You Start A Rural Homestead Project

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If you want to live a more sustainable life with fewer bills, a rural homestead can be a great investment. Before you can get started, you will want to have a good plan of action. The land, surveying, designs and utilities can be designed to give you a modern homestead. Here are some tips to help you prepare your rural homestead project:

1. Finding The Perfect Parcel Of Land For Your Needs

The first step in building your homestead is finding the perfect parcel of land. You will want to consider things like the amount of land you want, location and available resources. Look of land that has water available and is near main roads. You may also want to have a parcel that is in a desirable area, such as near your work or a town.

2. Surveying The Land To Locate Home Plots In Infrastructure

Once you have the land you need for your homestead, you will need to have it surveyed. A surveying service, like DC Gohn Associates Inc Surveyors & Engineers, can help you plot the location of your home and other infrastructure, such as the location of resources like water. You may also want to have your home separate from other land in case you want to use other parcels for different structures.

3. Planning The Design Of Your Home Based On Your Needs

After you have you land surveyed, you will want to work on a design. If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it is important to remember that smaller is better. Design your home to give you just what you and your family needs. If you need parking and workspace, use detached structures to save. These structures will not require the same energy as your home and can be built without things like HVAC.

4. Designing And Planning Sustainable Infrastructures

You will also want to have a reliable infrastructure for your home. You will need things like septic systems and water supplies for your home. For a modern home, you will also want to have electricity, which can be done with things like solar energy, wind and mills if you have a stream or creek. You can also use things like ram pumps for an efficient way to pump water on your property.

These are some things that you may want to consider to begin your homestead project. If you need help with land and locating your home, contact a land surveying system to help you map out property and features for your homestead.