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You Should Have Your Parking Lot Sealcoated And Striped Every Three Years

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As a business owner you understand the importance of curb appeal.  If you own the land and building, you probably spent money on landscaping, keeping the outside of the building painted or in good repair, and keeping the parking lot looking good all in the hopes of attracting more customers. The fact of the matter is you definitely should have your parking lot sealcoated and striped every three years. Keeping your parking lot in good repair will save you a lot of aggravation and money.


Weather conditions, the changes in temperature, and oil and gas from vehicles damage the asphalt in your parking lot. If you do not have it sealcoated every three years, it will not only look neglected, the cracks and holes in it can cause damage to cars and injuries to people. As a car goes over a hole, or weakened area, it may cause the underside or exhaust system to bang against the ground. It may also cause bits of the asphalt to fly up and hit another car or someone nearby. A person walking across the parking lot may trip or fall due to a neglected parking lot. The damages or injuries occurring on your property, due to the fact you did not properly maintain things, will be your responsibility. While you probably have insurance to cover the cost, it is not worth the time and hassle of a lawsuit because you did not want to have the parking lot sealcoated.


Keeping the parking spot stripes visible in your lot will help prevent accidents. Customers pulling in and out of the lot are accustomed to using the stripes as guides. Without them, they will park almost anywhere and without regard to other vehicles or people. You will end up with cars blocking the pathway to the doors, your garbage dumpster, and some may even end up partially on the sidewalk. Since drivers are not sure where the other car is going to go, there will be small fender benders happening. Of course, any time there is damage or an injury, the people involved are going to put the blame on you and your business.

Having your parking lot maintained by having it sealcoated and the striping painted can go a long way is taking the blame from you. Even if the customers try to put it on you, since there is not neglect or intent, your insurance company should not have any trouble winning without having to pay. For assistance, talk to a professional like Pioneer Seal Coat LLC.