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Four Custom Features To Add To Your Home With New Drywall Trim

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If you are renovating your home, there are many custom features that you may want to consider. This can include interior design features with the ceilings and walls. You may want to add custom features like ambient lighting in trim or a custom coffered ceiling. Here are some custom features that you can add to your home with drywall trim:

1. Create Ambient Lighting With LED Strips And Trim Moldings

If you want to have more energy efficient lighting, LED technology can reduce the electrical usage of lighting in your home. This also comes in strips that can be installed for different types of lighting. You may want to use crown molding and trim at the ceiling to create ambient lighting for your home that is indirect and out of sight.

2. Give Your Home A Custom Look With Custom Coffered Ceilings

If you have plain, flat ceilings, giving them a custom look can make a big difference in the interior design. Some custom ceilings, such as try ceilings, may require costly remodeling and a lot of labor. Instead, you may want to consider using drywall trim to create coffered ceilings and a new custom look for your home.

3. Make Your Home Safer With Corner Trim That Has Rounded Edges

The corners of drywall are usually finished with a corner bead. This is a piece of metal that completes the corner where two walls meet. It is often square and has a sharp edge. You can make your home safer by having rounded corner trim installed, which will add an attractive look and eliminate any sharp corners in your home. This can be a great addition if you have small children.

4. Save Walls In The Dining Room With The Addition Of Chair Moldings

The area where you sit to eat with your family can be an area where walls get beat and marked. If you want to reduce dents in the walls of your dining room, you can have a chair molding installed. This will prevent chairs and other items from damaging the drywall, and if it gets damaged, it can be touched up with a little bit of paint. 

These are some custom features you may want to consider adding to your home with a little extra drywall trim. If you are ready to do some of these projects with your renovations, contact a drywall trim service and talk with them about doing some of these improvements.