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3 Tips For Safely Cleaning Stains From Oriental Rugs

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If you own one or more oriental rugs, you are undoubtedly aware that they can be exceptionally valuable. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to safely and efficiently remove stains from your rugs, as doing so incorrectly can cause irreversible or expensive damage. By applying the following advice to your situation, you can be sure to use and enjoy your rugs for many years.

#1-Be Sure Of The Materials Your Rugs Are Made Of

It is first important to note that many oriental rugs in use today contain primarily wool. Unfortunately, wool can be challenging to clean and maintain, so you will want to examine it often for stains or new markings. If you spot something on a wool rug that should not be there, you will need to blot it and assess the stain. You can clean wool, but you must do so carefully.

However, if your rug is made from silk, it is not a good idea to attempt any cleaning of it at home, besides just removing moisture. You may know that silk is quite fragile and it would be very easy to permanently distort the aesthetic appeal of your carpet. That means that you should be sure to have silk rugs professionally cleaned.

#2-Always Be Gentle And Never Scrub The Rugs

Regardless of what your rug is made of, a rough cleaning is never a good idea. While you can often take a bottle of spray cleaner and a sponge to the standard, attached carpets in your home, that same technique with oriental rugs is likely to be disastrous.

Instead, you should take a clean, dry rag that is not piling and gently dab at the area until it is dry and as much of the stain is gone as possible. At that time, you should find a small section in a discreet area of the rug and pour just a few drops of water. You should only proceed to cleaning the stain, as discussed below, once you have established that the rug is colorfast and therefore, safe to clean.

#3-Use Water, After Spot Checking A Discreet Corner, To Remove Stains

When you have minimized the stain and dried the area as much as you can, drop a few drops of clean water into the stain. Using a spray bottle will often make doing so simpler and easier to control.

Use another clean and dry rag to blot the water and continue for several minutes. If you see improvement, continue until the stain is gone or until you do not see any improvement for several minutes. If you do not see any improvement after blotting the clean water for several minutes, it is time to contact a carpet cleaning professional to address the problem.

In conclusion, it is very important to be able to quickly and correctly clean new stains from your oriental rugs. As a result, it will be very helpful to always consider the above tips any time that you spot a blemish on your valuable oriental carpets.