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Say Au Revoir To Puddles With A French Drain

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Is water collecting in inconvenient places in your yard? Does water pool around your foundation, getting into your basement and causing damage? Are you simply sick of looking at puddles on your property every time it rains? You can solve a lot of your puddle problems by installing a French drain. Here are some reasons why a French drain could be the right choice for you. 

A French Drain Can Add to Your Landscaping

A French drain is really nothing more than a ditch dug in your yard with pipes inside to move water where you want it to go. The pipes have small holes where rain water can collect. French drains are usually covered with rocks or pebbles and can look very nice in your yard. 

Use your French drain as a border to a flower bed or along a walking path. 

A French Drain Can Be Hidden

If you don't want the French drain to be obvious to onlookers, you can have it installed within your foundation. This keeps the water from gathering against your foundation and leaking into your basement. 

A French Drain Can Irrigate Your Garden

Use your French drain to take that excess rain water exactly where you want it to go. Use the pipes to send water to create your own irrigation system for a vegetable garden. You will save money and time when you can avoid having to water your garden as often. 

A French Drain Can Save Water

Use less water in your home by collecting excess rain water through a French drain. At the end of your french drain, add a water barrel. You will simply make a hole in the water barrel and allow the pipe to run directly into it. You can use the rain water for a variety of outdoor purposes like watering grass or giving water to pets. This saves your household water for internal use and lowers your water bills. 

A French drain is a great choice for homeowners who have trouble with water gathering in puddles around the yard, making it difficult to use the space for play or other activities. Standing water can also be damaging to a home and property, and a French drain is an easy and inexpensive option when solving problems associated with water collecting in the wrong places. Take advantage of this practical and attractive choice by having a French drain installed on your property. 

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