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A Close Look At The Advantages Of Frameless Glass Balcony Railings

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While most homeowners will go with the traditional look of wood or metal railing for the balcony of their home, there is one other choice that often gets skipped over. From the assumption that it is easier to break to the myth that glass is hard to maintain, frameless glass railings really do get an unfair reputation. However, if you are looking for the right railing for your home, you may want to take a second look at glass railings. There are a handful of advantages that come along with this seamless railing you do not want to miss as a homeowner. 

Glass railings open up your view to the rest of the neighborhood. 

Perhaps you have an ideal view of the skyline of the city or a picturesque scene from your balcony. If you love the view from your balcony, then frameless glass railing is an excellent choice. The seamless design does not contain bulky framing or slats that get in the way of a good view. In fact, your balcony can be made to feel bigger simply because the clear view seems to open up the space. Glass railing is held in place with slim brackets and center posts or panels that are low profile. 

Glass railings for your balcony mean extra safety. 

The traditional slats and bars of wood and metal leave gaps of open areas between each rail that can be a safety concern. Even though the railing may not be wide enough to allow a child to fit through, they could easily slide through their arms or legs, or even worse-- climb over the railing completely. A glass railing system provides a solid layer of protection for the balcony with no gaps or open areas to be concerned about if you have children. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible for little hands and feet to climb up on the glass panels. 

Frameless glass railings are durable and resilient.

The glass panels that are used in railing systems are designed in much the same way that the glass in your vehicle is, with heavy layers  in between to prevent shattering. This layered type of glass is highly resilient with the ability to withstand obscene amounts of pressure or force. While a large limb coming down on traditional wooden railing would likely cause a lot of damage, it would not be unlikely for glass railings to still be standing. Contact a supplier like California Reflections for more information.