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The Advantages Of A Carport

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If your poor car, truck, or SUV has to sit outside all year in the elements, you would probably give much to have a garage. However, if your home was not originally designed with one, constructing one can be a major expense. Also, you may simply not have the room for such an addition. If so, you may be able to solve your problem with the addition of a carport.


Since a carport is attached to your home and is often open-sided, it tends to take up less space than a full garage. If you really have limited room, you can have a one-car carport added to the side, front, or back of your home. Adding a free-standing garage will take much more room and cost more. Constructing a carport allows you to preserve as much of your yard as possible.


A carport protects you and your vehicle from the weather. Of course, you are happier when you do not have to get out in the rain or snow to reach your vehicle. For older people or those with a disability, having a carport is an important safety measure that can keep them from falling.  Your vehicle also benefits from this protection. When the exterior of your vehicle is shielded from extreme weather and temperatures, it looks better and retains more of its resale value. Also, the sun's powerful UV rays can take its toll on your vehicle's paint job, something potential buyers are quite sensitive to.


If your home has limited space, adding a carport can also give you more room for storage or family activities. When the weather is hot, your children can use the shaded area to keep cool while they play outside, allowing you some peace and quiet. You can also store bikes, motorcycles, or other recreational vehicles there. A carport simply gives you more room to live in addition to providing shelter for your car or truck.

A carport is a good investment for many people who lack a garage. It may make your home more attractive to homebuyers if you decide to sell your property in the future. Many people are reluctant to buy a home without this type of shelter. In the short-term, you will benefit from the added space and the protection it offers you and your car. Find a contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured, and consult with them about what carport options are available to you.