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3 Serious Signs It's Time To Invest In Garage Door Repairs

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Having an automatic garage door can make accessing your home a lot easier. While garage doors can provide convenience and security, they can also pose a significant safety risk when they begin to wear out. In order to keep your family safe, knowing when to repair your existing garage door is a must.

Here are three serious signs that might indicate it's time to invest in garage door repairs.

1. Your garage door shakes when closing.

A functional garage door should open and close smoothly. If you notice that your garage door has started to shake when it is closing, this could be a sign that there are serious problems with some of the parts associated with your garage door. Shaking can be caused by tension springs that have started to wear out or by rollers that have started to lock up.

With the average 16-foot wide by 7-foot high garage door weighing in at about 280 pounds, you will want to have a qualified technician look at your shaking garage door before faulty parts cause it to fall unexpectedly and potentially injure someone.

2. Your garage door closes crooked.

A garage door that isn't fully closing on one side could signal a serious problem that needs to be addressed by a professional technician. Usually when a garage door is sitting crooked in the closed position, it is a sign that either the cable or spring (or both) has broken.

Since both the cable and spring play critical roles in helping your garage door stay fully open, unrepaired cables or springs could cause your garage door to drop suddenly, resulting in a serious injury to you or a family member.

3. Your garage door makes a lot of noise when opening or closing.

If you notice that your garage door is noisier than usual when you are opening or closing it, calling a repair professional is a good idea. A loose chain, rollers that need to be lubricated, or the need for anti-vibration pads could all be to blame for a noisy garage door.

By contacting a repair technician like Callahan Door and Window to evaluate your door, you will be able to determine if serious repairs (or just minor maintenance) are needed.

Your garage door can easily become dangerous if you don't take the time to identify when repairs are needed. Noticing a shaking door, a crooked door, or a noisy door can help you get the repairs you need to keep your garage door functional and safe in the future.