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Landscape To Make Your Rental Property More Inviting To Families

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Rental properties that look homey and inviting can attract tenants like families with children. Your rental property's landscaping can help target these tenants if it's properly installed. The following tips will help you make your home's landscaping as home-like and welcoming as possible.

Install Garden Beds

Installing designated garden beds for flowers and shrubs makes the yard look orderly and well-planned. To install garden beds, dig up the soil and remove all weeds and grass. Put down layers of fertile commercial garden soil to make the conditions favorable for plant growth. Line the beds with rocks, bricks or pavers.

Add Color

Colorful plants make your property look bright and cheerful. Plant multi-colored flowers like pansies and petunias and, if possible, colorful shrubs (like red-twig dogwood shrubs, which have bright red twigs for winter color) that will draw attention to your property and make it stand out from others.

Avoid Toxic Plants

Some plants are toxic when ingested and are therefore a threat to small children and pets. Common examples of toxic plants to be avoided in the landscaping include holly and oleander, but there are many different types of plants that are poisonous when touched or ingested. If you're not sure which plants are poisonous and which plants are not, read all labels before purchasing plants, and talk to a professional landscaper or customer service attendant at a local nursery.

Make Shade

Shade-producing trees and shrubs can make your lawn a more inviting place to sit and relax. If your rental property has no trees or shrubs on the property, plant at least one specimen that will cast some shade on the lawn.

Decorate the Path to the Front Door

Decorating the path to the front door will help draw the eye of visitors and possible tenants up to the entrance of the home, which can make the home seem more welcoming. To do this, line the path with small flowers or decorative stones. Keep the path well-swept and clean.


Mulch is a weed suppressant and helps hold moisture in the soil. Mulch is also attractive because it makes the soil look uniform and orderly. Mulching around the garden beds will make your garden beds look more well-tended. Choose a mulch that's been dyed red or deep brown to add more color to your property's lawn.

Residential landscaping is an art. If you're not comfortable doing your own residential landscaping, talk to a landscaper, such as one from The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors. He or she can give you a quote for work.