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Worried About Problems During 3rd Shift? Prepare For The Unexpected

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If you run a manufacturing company and you have a hard time finding the help that you need when something goes wrong at the property during the third shift hours, it's time to sit down and do some research. You want to know that you have a team of professionals that can help when needed and that you can depend on professional assistance when your line is down or when there is a security issue. Here are a few of the things that you want to look into getting set up for the property.

Around the Clock Security

If people are always walking in and out of the building for shift changes, and you worry about emergencies that happen during third shift, you may want to consider having an around the clock security professional working at the property. You can hire a company that will send someone for the shift, or you can hire specific professionals that are licensed and trained to do the work for you. This person should be trained to handle all issues from someone not following work policies and protocol to subduing an intruder meaning to do harm to others in the building.

Industrial Repair Contract  

Do you have a business that runs a third shift, and you can't afford to have the machinery down during this time? Find a local industrial repair company that can agree to offer you around the clock maintenance and mechanical services when it's needed. Not only will they be your go-to company when you have issues that need fixed during the day, but they will also guarantee to have someone on call to help you at all times. This person should be able to work on the machines and other mechanical mishaps that can happen throughout the workplace.

Once you have contracts in place, the staff will expect the security professionals to be there, and the floor managers will know who to call when something goes wrong with a machine. The more prepared you are for a problem, the easier it will be to manage the situation. If you have an upset employee that is coming into the property with ill intentions, having security can prevent a disastrous outcome. If you can't afford to have your line down for the night because a machine stops working, having service professionals to get it repaired right away will save you time. Contact an industrial repair service like E J Painting & Fiberglass to learn about their availability for third shift work.