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3 Welding Accessories That Can Keep You Safe And Improve Your Work

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If you do welding and metal fabrication for a living, having the right equipment is essential. This also includes some of the gear that you need to stay safe. These are also things that can get worn out and need replacing, as well as somethings that can help improve your work. If you want to stay safe when doing your job and do the best work, here are some of the welding accessories that you will want to have in your tool chest:

1. Keeping Yourself Safe And Cool With Light Welding Clothing

The first thing that you want to do is protect yourself from things like burns that can come from metal and sparks. This is why you want to have welding clothing to wear while you are working. Sometimes, work conditions can be extremely hot, which is why you may want to invest in some lighter welding pants and shirts that are not as heavy as more conventional overalls that you may wear in a shop. This is ideal for workers that do not always work out of a shop and make have to go to a jobsite to do metal fabrication work.

2. Stay Safe From Fire With Welding Blankets To Protect Flammable Materials 

With metal fabrication, a spark or piece of hot metal can quickly start a fire. Sometimes, the welding you are doing may be near flammable materials like a wood surface or other natural materials. To prevent fire and keep yourself safe, having several welding blankets in your tool box is a good idea. These are fire resistant drop clothes for welding that can be placed over flammable materials while work is being done.

3. Hand Lifters And Fixtures To Safely Handle Materials That You Are Working With

There are also dangers that can come from handling materials, which you do not want to be holding in your hand while you are working. To handle heavy materials like sheets of steel, a hand lifter can make your job a lot easier. For smaller steel parts that you want to hold in position, you will want to have various fixtures that can be adjust to hold pieces in their place while you are welding them.

If you want to do the best at your job and stay safe, consider adding some of these items to your tool box. You can contact a welding equipment supplier to get these items and other materials you need to do your best metal fabrication work. For assistance, talk to a professional like Wayne Oxygen & Welding Supply Co Inc.