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3 Sneaky Signs Your Well Water Pump Will Need Replacement Soon

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There are many great advantages that come along with having a private water well on your residential property, but one small inconvenience is the fact that you will be responsible for maintaining the water supply. Part of maintaining a steady and healthy water supply means getting familiar with your well pump. While most well pumps will have a fairly long lifespan, eventually, they will need a replacement. In most cases, you will start to see signs that there is an issue with your pump long before it actually goes out completely. Here are a few sneaky indications you should be looking for which could indicate your well pump is about to go.

You are having a lot of air spitting from your faucet. 

In some situations, this is a problem that points to lack of water in the well or the need to lower the pump. However, if you are positive the water level in your well is fine and your well pump is adequately submersed, you could be dealing with a failing pump. As the motor starts to lose power, it will not be able to hold steady enough pressure to fill the water lines completely, which can allow air bubbles to form in the water lines, which will be pushed to your faucet along with a slow stream of water. 

You see a drastic change in your power bills. 

Well pumps are most often electric powered and don't really use a great deal of electricity. In general, a 1/2-horsepower well pump will use $6.96 for 120 hours of use, according to the Runestone Electric Association. If you suddenly see a spike in your power bill, it could mean the pump is running far more hours than it should be to provide your home with water. Start paying a little more attention to how often your pump is running to determine if you have a problem. 

You notice a change in water supply and pressure that seems to get worse. 

In a lot of cases, you will only start to notice a change in water flow and pressure when a well pump starts to fail. You may spot one day that your pressure seems a bit off and then a few days later, you see that the pressure and flow has changed even more. This is caused by the slow failure of the pump's motor, which means it will be able to pump less and less over time. 

For more information, contact a pump repair expert in your area.