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Troubleshooting Bad Odors And Flavors In Well Water

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The quality of well water can often be as good as, if not better than, the water quality from a municipal water source. Differences in flavor and odor are often because there is an issue with the water treatment from the well. The following guide can help you diagnose common issues so you can remedy them and begin enjoying your well water.

Metallic taste

A metallic taste, similar to the flavor of a copper penny or blood, is usually the result of too much iron or manganese in the water. The water may also leave behind a red or orange residue or even be discolored itself. You can verify this is the case by having the water tested. The best way to fix this problem is to have an iron filter installed. This will siphon out the excess metals so your water tastes and looks better. You will need to maintain this filter for it work properly.

Sulfur or rotten eggs odors and flavor

Organic matter in the well is the most common cause. Bacteria in the organic matter produces hydrogen sulfide gas, which causes the odor and flavor. In small quantities this is harmless but it can make the water taste or smell bad. It larger quantities it can corrode metal fixtures and even be harmful to your health. Once again, testing is the only way to verify that this is the cause. If it is, a whole house filter is recommended so that the water is treated at the source and your pipes don't corrode.

Musty odors

Water that has a musty odor may taste only a little bit stale, but it is reason for major concern. Often, this odor is caused by pesticides or other toxic chemicals that have leached into your water supply. Have your water tested immediately to make sure it is safe to drink. In some cases you may need to switch to an alternate drinking water source, at least until the cause has been traced and rectified.

Chlorine smell or flavor

This is usually the result of a malfunction in your filter or an error in a well water treatment application. This is because chlorine is often used to clean or purify drinking water, depending on your treatment system. Testing will reveal if the chlorine level is high. You may need to have the well or filter serviced to remedy the problem.

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