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Caring For Your Commercial Garbage Disposal

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The addition of a garbage disposal to your company's kitchen can be beneficial when it comes to reducing the amount of food waste that finds its way into trash cans each day. Although a garbage disposal provides many benefits, it can also become a source of plumbing problems when not cared for properly.

In order to avoid spending a lot of money on a commercial plumbing contractor, here are three tips you can use to help better care for your commercial garbage disposal in the future.

1. Limit the items that go into the disposal.

Many of the problems commercial plumbers encounter when repairing garbage disposals are caused by improper foods being placed into the disposal. In order to ensure that your company's disposal continues to serve as a valuable asset and not a liability, you need to educate your employees about the types of items that can be placed into the disposal.

Prominently display signs warning employees against putting fruit pits or bones into the disposal, since these items can dull or chip the chopping blades. You should also prohibit fibrous foods like corn husks or celery from being placed in your company's disposal because the fibers in the food items can wrap around the blades and restrict their movement, causing the disposal's motor to burn out.

2. Use only cold water when running the disposal.

It can be beneficial to regulate the water temperature being used as your employees run the garbage disposal in your company's kitchen. Make sure that you display signage instructing employees to use cold water only when running the disposal.

Cold water will cause any oil or grease in the foods being disposed of to solidify so that they can be chopped up by the disposal blades and carried through waste pipes safely. Using warm water will cause oil and grease to remain in liquid form until it travels through your company's pipes. It will then solidify as it cools, causing potential clogs and wearing away at the interior surface of your commercial plumbing.

3. Conduct routine maintenance.

Keeping the blades of your disposal sharp and reducing odor are important maintenance tasks when it comes to caring for your commercial disposal. You can meet both these goals by freezing some distilled vinegar in an ice cube tray, then running these frozen cubes through the disposal.

The blades will be sharpened by the jagged edges of the cubes as they are chopped up, and the vinegar will help to neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

Caring for your commercial garbage disposal doesn't have to be difficult. Make sure you limit the items going into the disposal, instruct employees to use only cold water when running the disposal, and conduct routine maintenance to prevent serious problems from plaguing your commercial garbage disposal in the future. Contact a company like Cool Air Mechanical, Inc. to learn more.