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Diagnosing Problems With Your Air Conditioner System

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Living in the warmer climates makes it almost a requirement to have air conditioning in your home. While HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are becoming more popular even in climates that only use the air conditioner once or twice a year, if you need the air conditioning and it isn't working, you may need to get a repairman out to diagnose and fix the problem.

No Cold Air

When you turn on the air conditioning and do not get cold air, there are a number of things that could be the cause. If the thermostat is running right, there is most likely a problem outside in the HVAC unit. You do not want to open that unit up without knowing exactly what you are doing so leave it and let a professional handle it. The reasons for the failure may be electrical, mechanical. There may be a leak in the refrigerant system. All of these possibilities require the right tools and a good working knowledge of the system to repair properly. Trying to repair it without knowing what is really wrong with it could end up causing more damage that will add to the cost of repair.

Who To Call

When the air conditioning is not working, the first call should be to an HVAC service company like Metro Air. There are repair services that will offer air conditioning repair or heating repair, but if your system is a combined unit, they need to be able to work on both. Once the technician arrives, explain what is going on so that he will know where he needs to start looking. A large part of the diagnosis process starts with knowing what the unit is or is not doing. Try to be as clear as possible in your description of the problem.

Keeping Your HVAC Running Properly

Once the tech has resolved the issue, you need to keep your unit maintained. Setting up a maintenance schedule is the best way to do this. If you like the company you are using, talk to them about what they recommend for service intervals and what they offer for service plans. Some companies offer a yearly plan, while others recommend service ever six months. You will have to decide what is right for you but in either case, keeping the HVAC running with regular service will more often than not, be cheaper than paying for repairs if it is not working when you need it.