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3 Ways To Protect Your Roadside Construction Workers

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When it comes to working on a construction zone that is located adjacent to a roadway, safety is one of the top priorities. All the vehicles passing by present a huge safety risk for the people working. When you are employing people in a roadside construction project, you need to make sure you have the right work zone equipment in place.

Portable Rumble Strip

When doing roadside construction, the vehicles that pass by are the biggest safety risk. A vehicle leaving their designated lane, and driving into the work zone, can be fatal. That is why equipment that can alert drivers that they have left their designated area can be really effective.

One of the newest developments in roadside construction projects are temporary portable rumble strips. These rumble strips are designed to help slow down traffic and to alert construction works that cars are approaching.

The rumble strips are designed to be put on the road. They work best when put in the area approaching the construction zone. They help people slow down to the designated speed, which is one of the best ways to protect roadside workers.

The rumble strips also generate sound when they are ran over, letting workers know that vehicles are approaching. This is especially helpful during low-traffic hours, such as when a project extends into the evening hours.

Message Boards

Message boards are another tool you can use to keep your workers safe. Message boards should be placed before the work zone. Effective message boards let the vehicles approaching know where the work is occurring and how long the work lasts. For example, the message board could let drivers know that work is happening from Exit 6 to Exit 10, and to expect delays. Or it could let them know that the work is being done at specific times, such as in the evening or on the weekend.

Providing people with information about what is being done, and where it is being done, can modify driver behavior in roadside work zones.

Traffic Drums

Next, you want to put up traffic drums. Traffic drums can help people know where to go and can help establish a small buffer zone between your works and passing vehicles. Do not skim on the traffic cones and traffic drums. Putting them up so that they are close together helps them stand out more and helps keep your workers safe.

When setting up a roadside construction project, invest in the equipment that will make other drivers more aware of your workers and will help keep everyone safe. You can always rent the appropriate work equipment for the duration of the project.