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Top Tips for Waterproofing Your Basement

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As a homeowner, you'll want to ensure that your basement is waterproofed no matter if you use it for storage, as a man cave, or an entertainment area. This will allow you to maintain the value of your home and enjoy this space with ease. There are many ways you can make this task an easier one when you know the right tips to follow.

1. Install gutters

If you don't currently have any drains in your home, you'll want to take time to put these in place. Gutters can play a significant role in preventing water damage in your basement area. Work with a contractor in your area that will do this job for you to decrease the chance of water getting into your basement. Don't neglect to keep these clean routinely by removing any leaves or debris.

2. Seal up cracks

Next, look around at your foundation and to see if it has any cracks. If so, you should use a heavy-duty sealant that will seal these up quickly for you. It's effortless for water to get into cracks, and this could lead to excessive issues in your basement area. Taking time to inspect this part of your home for issues can help waterproof your basement.

3. Put in a drainage mat

You can purchase a mat that will help your basement remain dry. This is called a drainage mat, and it may make a significant difference in the dryness of this part of your home. It's possible to find these mats at a number of local hardware stores for a very affordable price. Don't delay in purchasing one of these to assist with waterproofing your basement.

4. Consider your landscaping

It's vital to ensure all of your plants are a good distance from your basement area. These may need watering a great deal, and you don't want the water to get in this part of your property. Be mindful of where you always place any greenery or plants when it comes to keeping your basement dry.

You can work to have a home that maintains its value and offers you all the things to make it useful. However, it will require some effort on your part to make this possible and waterproofing your basement can help. Don't neglect to work with a home contractor in your area like Sposato Masonry that can assist with these other basement waterproofing tasks.