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Want To Build A New Guest House On Your Property? Consider Constructing An SIP Shelter

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Building a guest house on your property is a great way to accommodate overnight visitors without feeling like you have to give up your own personal space, privacy, and freedom in the process. Your guests are sure to appreciate the extra privacy your guest house provides them too. Consider building an SIP shelter to turn in to a beautiful guest house in your yard. Here are just a few reasons to invest in a shelter made of structurally insulated panels:

Save Time and Money

One great reason to consider using structurally insulated panels to build your new guest house is to save yourself some time and money along the way. You'll save time because your SIP panels will already be constructed and ready to quickly install. Once installed, the floor and walls of your guest house will be complete.

Your contractor won't have to hire a big crew to build every small piece of framing that's required when building a traditional house, and that time that is saved during the construction process will help save you some money on the project overall. You'll pay for less materials and you'll likely pay your contractor less than you would if they were building with lumber as they'll be doing less time-consuming work for you.

Enjoy Energy Efficiency

The middle of each structurally insulated panel features a piece of foam insulation, so when your new guest house gets built, you can expect it to stay warm inside during the winter and cool during the summer without having to install an HVAC system. A portable heater and a ceiling fan or two should be all it takes to keep your guests comfortable, no matter what time of the year they happen to be visiting you. If you do end up wanting to add extra insulation to the place, you can do so affordably by installing additional panels inside or using spray foam insulation to seal corners and panel connections.

Customize as You See Fit

SIP panels are built on demand, so you you can design your guest home any way you please without having to worry about whether the structurally insulated panels will accommodate the design. After designing every nook and cranny of your home, your contractor will have their panel distributor build each SIP panel for your place piece by piece to make sure that every corner matches up perfectly once put into place. Then they'll transport the panels to your property and begin the building process, which shouldn't take more than a week. You'll be left with a completely customized guest home when all is said and done.