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Tapped Out? Helpful Repair Information For Private Well Owners

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Ownership of a private water well offers homeowners many benefits. Unlike those whose homes are connected to public water systems, there are no monthly water bills to pay. Even more beneficial is the fact that most private water wells are able to provide a constant source of pure water for the household to use for only the cost of electrical power. Homeowners who have a private water well system that has been correctly installed and regularly maintained can also expect many years of dependable service with few or no repair issues.

While infrequent, issues can arise that stop or diminish the flow of water from the tap without warning. Homeowners who have just discovered this type of problem can use the following advice to help them determine what is wrong and what they might try to solve it.

Electrical power issues

Checking the electrical panel to see if the circuit breaker that controls the well pump has been tripped should be the first action taken when no water is available at the tap. If it has tripped, the homeowner will want to reset the circuit breaker to the on position and try the tap again. If there is still no water available after the circuit breaker has been reset, or if the circuit breaker did not need resetting, there may be a problem with the pressure switch or control box. Other possibilities are a cut or damaged pump power supply wire or complete failure of the pump.

Water level issues

Homeowners may also turn on the tap to find diminished streams of water or none at all in cases where the water level has fallen and the well pump is no longer able to draw water and deliver it to the home. Water level issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including a well depth that is too shallow, water usage that is placing too much demand on the well, and periods of severe drought that lessen ground water levels in the area.

In cases of drought, water level issues may improve by reducing the amount of water pumped from the well until ground water levels return to normal. Another option may be to have the water well pump dropped deeper into the well so that it is able to access enough water to supply the demand. If the well is too shallow to allow the pump to be moved into a deeper position, the homeowner may be forced to have a deeper well drilled in order to ensure a reliable supply of water.

Contacting a well pump service contractor at the first sign of a private water well pump system issue is usually the fastest way to diagnose the problem and ensure that the home is once again provided with a dependable source of pure water.

If you've noticed any problems, contact a local water well system repair service to find and fix the problem as soon as possible.