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Damages You Can Expect Your Roof To Encounter

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There are many potential roofing damages that your home will encounter. Being prepared to repair these problems is an essential skill for homeowners. In particular, a handful of damages are especially common, which can make it especially important to become informed about addressing these issues.

Cracking Of Shingles Or Tiles

Eventually, the tiles or shingles that cover your roof can become cracked. While minor cracking may not seem like it can be a serious issue, these openings can allow for large amounts of water to leak into the roof. Generally, this type fo wear indicates that the roof is nearing the end of its life, and you may want to invest in having the entire roof replaced. If this is not currently an option, it can be possible to have this patched by replacing the impacted tiles or shingles, but other areas of the roof may encounter this problem soon.

Deep Stains

Deep stains can form on the exterior of your roof, and these can severely impact the appearance of your home. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to keep the roof clean, which can increase the risk of these stains forming. In some instances, it may be possible for a roofing repair contractor to address these stains by performing a deep clean of the exterior of the roof. However, it will typically be easier to avoid this by investing the time into having the roof cleaned at the end of each fall as this will be the time of the year when the most debris will gather on the roof, and this can lead to water stains on it. If the stains are too deep in the roofing material, replacing the discolored area may be the only effective way of addressing this discoloration.


A roof that is punctured will contribute to substantial damage occurring to the home as the puncture will allow water to leak into the home. Unfortunately, it can be surprisingly difficult to notice these punctures from the ground. This is due to the fact that seemingly small twigs could strike the roof with enough force to puncture most types of shingles or tiles. Homes that have large trees overhanging them can be at an especially high risk of this damage as branches falling on a home's roof can be a leading cause for this type of damage occurring. Regardless of the cause of the punctures, the damaged shingles and roof supports must be repaired as quickly as possible if secondary damages are to be avoided.

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